Ms. Wright, can you tell us about what brought you to teaching and what you’ve been doing the last couple of years?

There were a mixture of events and circumstances that brought me into education. I had multiple teachers who were a major influence on me, and some who encouraged me to pursue a degree in education. Also, when I was in a high school I had the opportunity to take part in career exploration program. I was able to volunteer in a classroom, and that was what majorly sparked my interest in an education degree. I also worked at summer camp in college which reconfirmed that I wanted to work with youth. For the past two years I have been teaching grades 5 – 8th in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tell us a little about your teaching style.

I implement many different learning styles within my teaching daily. I try to meet the needs of all learners. I use visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching methods so that my students have a variety in their learning.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I have always loved sports. My favorites are basketball and football. I also love to snowboard, hike, kayak, and wakeboard.

A perfect sabbath afternoon to me  would be hammocking and reading a good book.

Do you have any special hopes, dreams or plans for Estabrook Christian School?  (Big or small.)

I hope to have a program that teaches the whole student. I not only want my students to be successful academically but I want them to be confident in who they are as individuals. I want to work with families and be a major guiding role in their child’s spiritual journey. For the school specifically, I want the community to feel welcomed into Estabrook and have the school be well known as an outstanding Christian school option for families.

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?

This one is hard for me! I am narrowing it down to two. Kenya, Africa – gorgeous landscape and some of the most friendly people I have ever interacted with.

Edinburgh, Scotland – I visited this city close to Christmas and the city was bustling with Christmas spirit and friendly people. I also loved all of the unique architecture and history in this city.

What’s your educational background?

Graduated  8th grade from Central Vermont Academy

Graduated  High School from Mount Pisgah Academy in Asheville, NC
Bachelors in Elementary Education/History Minor from Southern Adventist University

Currently pursuing a Masters Degree from Grand Canyon University

What’s your favorite subject (or subjects) to teach and why?

I have always loved History – I think it is important to learn from the world’s past success and also failures and be aware of how our actions can influence the world around us.  I also love Language Arts

Where did you grow up?

I lived in Waterford, Vermont from birth – 6 years old. Then my family moved to Danville, Vermont where my parents still live.

What are do you feel are your strengths as a teacher?  

I am able to connect with students and interact with them well.

What’s your favorite dessert?

My mom’s apple pie!

Tell us briefly about why you are a Christian and what it means to you in your personal life?  Also how does your faith mold who you are as a teacher?

I grew up in a family who taught me how to live a Christian life, and I also had a lot of wonderful school experiences that guided me in my spiritual life. When I was in high school I learned how to have a close relationship with God when I was dealing a coping  with the loss of a close friend. Being a Christian to me means having a close connection with God, and trying to lead my students to Christ daily. I often try to tie in my own personal experiences in my walk with God to have my faith and Christianity to be more relatable to my students.

What is “true education” to you?

True education to me would be the teaching of the whole student. I do not want a student to leave my class and only be successful academically. I want my students to know how to be a good friend, a hard worker and follower of God. I want my students to know their value and be able to share their faith with others.

Could you describe for our readers what your personality is like in four words?

Adventurous, Outgoing, Compassionate, Friendly

One final question.  What is your mission as a teacher and role model to young people growing up in a confusing and challenging world?  What is the ultimate goal that you have in mind for your students morally and spiritually?

I want my students to know that they can turn to me if they are struggling with a tough situation. I want my students to know their value and self worth well also being able to stand up for others. I want my students to learn to be able to stand for their values and beliefs even when others around them are not.  I also want my students to be accepting and caring of other people’s situations.