Playground Discoveries: Snowshoe Hare Habitat

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Estabrook students are very excited these days! We have been studying in science about the Snowshoe Hare and other amazing creatures that are living right here on our school campus. Ms. Heidi Holmann, a biologist from the State of New Hampshire Department of Wildlife came and shared more information with us about these animals. We learned many astonishing facts and discovered clues about them that we had walked right by before! Ms. Holmann even lent us a game camera which now is placed near one of our feeding stations.    We have also set two traps out that do not harm the animals and they have a tasty treat in them. The traps are located where the Snowshoe Hare has been spotted before. So we are hoping that we will soon see one either in a picture from the game camera, or find one that is safely waiting for us in a cage. If we do catch one, we will let it go.


The Snowshoe Hare begin their mating season in March. The babies are called leverets and are covered with hair at birth unlike the young of the Eastern Cottontail Family. We are hoping to find a nest and have a peek at these beautiful baby hares. We also recently discovered a new, active porcupine den and plan to explore this area next. We have many exciting outdoor adventures here!

V.B., 7th grade student


Pictures by Ed Runnals.


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