Our daily curriculum for grades 1-8 offers a balanced study of the main branches of science including biology, health, space, electricity, simple chemistry, physical, weather, and zoology. Our studies and labs in natural and earth sciences are inquiry-based and center largely on environmental, ecological, and climate themes. For enrichment purposes, our students are actively involved in  creating and maintaining several on-site, science-based, habitats for:

  •   The Eastern Bluebird– funded by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
  •   The Monarch Butterfly–  in participation  with the University of Kansas Monarch

 Watch Program

  •   The  Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly- new for 2022
  • The Snowshoe Hare-  often sighted in our Boreal Forest
  • Eastern Cottontail Rabbit – now an endangered species in New Hampshire

  Other Science enrichment programs include:

  • Trout in the Classroom project (2017) sponsored by the State of New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Department.
  • Aquaponics in the Classroom– sponsored by the Herring Gut Learning Center, Port Clyde, Maine